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Personal website of

Vladimír Benáček

Associate Professor in international economics at:
Charles University,
Faculty of Social Sciences,

Institute of Economic Studies - I E S, Opletalova St. 26, 11000 Prague and
Institute of Political Studies - IPS, U Kříže St. 8, 15800 Prague

e-mail: vladimir.benacek@fsv.cuni.cz

My research interests include:

Theory of international trade
Empirical analysis of trade and its specialisation structure
Gravity models of trade and FDI
International finance and exchange rates
Economics of European integration
Socio-economic aspects of transition
Methodology of social sciences and arts
International political economy
Entrepreneurship and competitiveness of small and large enterprises
Economic history
Country studies - Central Europe, China, Latin America
Social organisation, governance and decision making.

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